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Choosing Your Hard

As a small gift to my husband, I recently left him to leisure at home for a few hours while I took my one year old on a road trip to a sort-of-nearby historic farmstead that has been converted into one of Denver’s botanical garden sites. We couldn’t bear to stay as long as I…

On Nesting and Necessary Things

It’s interesting how second pregnancies are different from the first, especially when they aren’t spaced very far apart. I have completely lost track of how many weeks along I am at any given point; though to be fair, I have also lost track of how many months old Iva is, so many it’s just a…

Should Christians Care About the Environment?

We joke fairly regularly in our home about my Ashevillian heritage. My husband will shake his head and snort whenever we pass a Bohemian gift shop in downtown Boulder, since always react like child passing a novelty toy store. I also receive regular eyerolls when I introduce new eco-conscious products or systems into our house,…

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