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The Prosperity/Positivity Gospel

When I came out of the Southern religious culture that upholds a fragmented, inconsistent, willfully ignorant perspective of the Christian faith, the Word of Faith movement was very attractive to me. The aura of passion and relevance surrounding its key figures was captivating. I marveled at their “big,” boundless view of God, which seemed to contrast with the belief system I had inherited – a … Continue reading The Prosperity/Positivity Gospel

Why Cloth Diapers?

I can’t remember when I first learned about modern cloth diapering systems, but I’m sure when I first heard that people use cloth in the 21st century I probably thought it was ridiculous. Why would you make parenting harder than it needs to be? Why would you want to do any extra laundry? What about rashes? What about poop? Just why? Let me just tell … Continue reading Why Cloth Diapers?

SERIES: Cherished False Gospels of the Western Church

For a while now I’ve been meaning to publish my personal testimony regarding different theological viewpoints. What I found interesting as I drafted the post is that it was a very multifaceted journey. I tend to describe it with a focus on one particular false gospel that I had believed before God brought me to the true gospel of Christ, but in reality, there were … Continue reading SERIES: Cherished False Gospels of the Western Church

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