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I’m Kind Of A Bad Mother

I’m not sure how to write this and express that I both am grateful for the early revelation while also mourning the extent of the damage that has already been incurred. I also don’t know (and have never known, really) how to blog about this type of thing without oversharing or being too vague and…

Change Is Inevitable

I’ve heard it said somewhere that it takes around twelve months to really settle into a new home. Even if this isn’t the number for most people, it has definitely been true for me, and I realize it each time we pack up to move on to the next year-long lease. It always seems like…

Choosing Your Hard

As a small gift to my husband, I recently left him to leisure at home for a few hours while I took my one year old on a road trip to a sort-of-nearby historic farmstead that has been converted into one of Denver’s botanical garden sites. We couldn’t bear to stay as long as I…

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