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Pondering and practicing the Gospel. Learning as we go.


Springtime and Sustaining Mercies

It all happened in the span of a few hours. I had been eating strawberries and rice for dinner for several days and was convinced I had a stomach bug. Devynn was convinced of a different theory that I was determined not to entertain . . . at least until I had put Iva to…

Family Update | 4/22/21

I have taken a break from blogging since the turn of the new year to focus on things in our life and home and hearts that need more attention, and to say things have been chaotic would be an understatement! Nonetheless, I can’t keep away from writing forever, so here I am with a brief…

Radio Silence | Thoughts On Writing

If you’re one of the handful of people who read this blog on a really regular basis, you may have noticed that we haven’t posted anything new in over a month (or maybe two . . . or maybe three). I’m realizing that at least once every year, I have a personal crisis in regard…

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