Update . . . From Kansas | 4/24/2020

Along with the rest of the world, we Hagemans are trying to figure out what life is supposed to look like in the midst of a pandemic (as well as the arrival of a newborn).

We had been planning to move to Colorado in April of 2020 from northern Virginia since last summer; but as the situation with COVID-19 began to carry more implications on the economy, our community, and so on, we made the difficult decision to move much more quickly and stopover with Devynn’s mom and stepfather in western Kansas. We had our things packed within a week of deciding this and (instead of flying) traveled by car for three days with our 6 week old. We made it here to the farm on Easter Sunday.

Things have been a bit chaotic as we’ve tried to unpack and continue making a decision about Colorado in the meantime. We aren’t sure just how long we’ll be here – likely until Devynn finds a secure job in Colorado – but in the meantime we’re planting seeds, dreaming of warmer weather, and continuing to learn how to care for Iva.

While this is something we’ve been looking forward to for months now, moving cross-country during COVID has come with its share of grief. Because of laws regarding stay-at-home orders in Virginia and North Carolina, most of my family now won’t be able to meet Iva until she’s older and travel restrictions are removed. This includes my dad, my grandma, and other beloved family members who aren’t able to travel to where we are.

On top of this, also due to COVID restrictions, we weren’t able to hug and say proper goodbyes to our church family in Virginia before we left. These people have supported and loved us well for the past 2-5 years and we’ll be mourning this loss – especially as many of them may not be in Virginia anymore by the time we can go back to visit. We do take comfort in the fact that video calls exist and that regardless of anything, we will certainly get to hug them again on the other side of this earthly life.

During this time of upheaval and uncertainty, we would appreciate prayer for the following:

1. That we would remember God’s sovereignty and goodness, and forsake the anxiety that comes when we demand to have all our questions about the future answered in our time.

2. That Iva would continue to grow and be healthy, and that we would be given the strength and wisdom to nurture and raise her through the different stages of her life.

3. That God would provide a good job for Devynn in Colorado, if He so wills, and that we will settle into life with new routines, a new church community, and other new responsibilities. We know this year has brought, and will continue to bring, a lot of painful growth. We are trying to trust that God will be faithful to bring us through this season into a place of greater fruitfulness.

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