6/13/20 | We’ve Moved . . . Again

We made it to Colorado (finally!) in the past two weeks, just in time for things to slowly start reopening. It has been fun to take Iva out to the park and watch her stare at the trees and squirrels, and Devynn and I have really enjoyed being within driving distance of some dear friends and our new church community. Apart from the inconveniences of mask-wearing and arrow-following – and the general economic instability, of course – life seems mostly back to normal.

Iva just turned 3 months old on the 28th of May, and we’ve all agreed she has been going through a major growth spurt. She’s getting really good with her head control and is gaining weight as she should; and she loves to babble, blow spit bubbles, and laugh at Devynn’s shenanigans. Breastfeeding has been a struggle for us from day one (which I’d like to write a post about eventually) but I think within the past month we’ve hit our stride, barring some ongoing issues with dairy sensitivities. I guess being near cities like Denver and Boulder have the perk of allowing for lots of alternative food options. I’m quickly learning to appreciate this, as the list of things I’m allowed to eat is now officially smaller than the list of things that are off-limits, what with Iva’s dairy allergy and a recently-discovered candida overgrowth problem. We’ve both been fighting thrush and Iva has had an off-and-on infected diaper rash that just wouldn’t go away, no matter how many creams, diaper free days, laundering, sanitizing, etc. I was doing. But as much of a pain in the butt it has been (literally), I’m glad to finally find a potential answer for the various health concerns I’ve had for years.

Anyway, Iva is feeling a lot better with the advent of a probiotic regimen, so as of two days ago she is officially back in cloth diapers, which I am so happy about. We invested in a small stash of modern cloth diapers back in late April, but barely got to use them because they can’t be used with yeast rashes (unless you want to bleach with each wash; and I’d like to not have to replace these diapers within a year, so, no thanks). Seeing them sitting in the corner of our room for two months and having to actually continue to buy disposable diapers made me cry on more than one occasion. But now we’re back in business! I plan on making another separate post about this, too, since I’ve gotten some questions about it and it has become something of a minor passion of mine.

On the subject of minor passions: Another new thing at the Hageman House is the beginning of my journey into the world of birth work and birth activism as a doula. I won’t be certified until the end of the year at the earliest, but it has been fun to become a student again and realize do actually have a sense of calling about this profession. I’ve always been fascinated by birth and motherhood, even as a little girl, but didn’t realize there was a type of birth work that fit my preferences so well until I became a mother and reaped the benefits of midwife care. Obstetrics and midwifery always seemed too medical for me, though, so I just never pursued anything of this nature until last month – which happened to be Doula Appreciation Month. Again, I’ll be writing a separate post about this in the near future.

Some things you can be praying over as we live through this season of new things and when-will-this-end things:

1. COVID-19 has really affected the job market, as you probably know, and we are still trying to nail down a stable income source here in Colorado. There are some leads and at least one legitimate option, but we could use prayer for strength, wisdom, and quick resolution in this area.

2. Pray for my health, as I will probably be fighting against this candida issue for some time, and it has already been something of a burden on me logistically, financially, and emotionally. It is really difficult to eat enough calories on this diet to continue breastfeeding – and I don’t intend to stop breastfeeding any time soon – so I’ve had to modify it a bit, and that means I won’t reap the full rewards. Just be praying that I can overcome some realized issues with gluttony and a lack of self-control in regard to both of my medically necessary diets, and that God will provide the means for us to afford the kind of food I’m allowed to eat (no simple carbs, no white potatoes, no added sugar, minimal fruit, no dairy, no processed grains, minimal caffeine . . . so basically every normal/cheap food out there).

3. We always need prayer for our marriage to be strengthened in adversity rather than weakened, which tends to be the default due to the reality of sin and life in a fallen world. May the gospel of Christ become our true priority and ultimate reality as a family, and may the joy of it transcend the sacrifices and sorrows we experience as we pursue God’s will in this season.

4. Pray that we would form open, deep friendships and accountability relationships with members at the church we’re now attending. Pray that we would not retreat into a lifestyle where we neglect fellowship, discipleship, and service, as we have wrongly done in the past.

As always, thanks for taking the time to read these updates! I hope to start posting at least once each weekend now that we are starting to settle down here and have more reliable routines established. Let me know in the comments or through some other means if you have a desire to see me (or Devynn) write about a certain subject.

Grace and peace,

the Hagemans

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