Update | 7/29/20 | Settling In

If you’ve been keeping up with our updates over the past three or four months, you’ve seen us in a massive (and seemingly never-ending) season of transition. Just to recap:

  • Our first child, a girl, was born in late February.
  • Two weeks after her birth, COVID-19 lockdowns were enforced in our state
  • Facing the end of our current income stream and our lease in the DC metro area (with no prospects on the horizon due to the state of the world at the time) we suddenly packed up and drove across the country with our 6 week old to live on family members’ farm in western Kansas.
  • We lived in Kansas on lockdown for almost two months, still struggling to find a job so that we could transition to our intended final destination (Colorado).
  • At the end of May we moved a second time to stay with more family – now in Colorado – so that Devynn could make it to job interviews and we could begin attending our new church in south Boulder.

Praise God, Devynn is now faithfully working more than 40 hours each week and we are almost settled into our apartment in the northwest Denver metro area! This actually happened a few weeks ago, but I wanted to wait to update everyone until we unpacked some boxes and developed some sort of routine.

We are actually cohousing with some long-time, like-minded friends – a young Christian couple expecting their own first baby – which may seem sort of crazy from the modern American perspective. We all made this decision in order to both save a lot of money (for the purpose of paying debt, being able to afford a safer part of town to live in, and so on) and also to be in a better position to pursue discipleship and mutual edification. Devynn and I have lived in a variety of shared housing contexts since we first married in 2018; and although we do intent to have our own space at some nebulous point in the next few years, we’ve learned there are ways to live successfully in close community to the glory of God and the mutual good of the people involved.

As housing costs continue to increase in America, many folks in our generation have chosen this way of life. This is even evidenced by the layout of our new home, which has two master bedrooms, two full baths, and two walk-in closets, so that both parties can have their own private spaces apart from the shared kitchen and living room. We are all generally of the mindset that you don’t need a whole lot more than what you, well, need . . . and thus we haven’t found it very difficult so far to fit all our belongings in the space we have. The pantry and freezer might be the exception, but it’s a small price to pay for the other benefits we enjoy in our circumstance.

Anyway, we have just been blown away by God’s kindness in allowing us to find such a great community, both in housing and in our church.

Iva is growing so quickly that I have to remind myself to pay better attention in spite of everything going on in life, or else I’ll miss it. She has mastered rolling over and now desperately wants to sit up on her own, but isn’t there just yet. She loves to babble, blow raspberries, put things in her mouth, shake rattles, and splash in the pool.

I am still continuing my doula training and am hoping to be done with the first phase by the end of August, at the latest, so I can move on then from birth doula certification to postpartum doula certification, the latter of which is my ultimate goal. It’s really hard at times (i.e., I’m currently in the process of memorizing over 200 terms and medical acronyms) but I also really enjoy it.

Overall, we feel like we’re beginning to get back on our feet. Soli Deo Gloria.

Thanks as always for keeping up with our craziness.

In Christ,


PS: I really do intend to start writing at least once per week and bring more consistency to the blog here, and I think that is doable if I set stricter word and time limits. Be sure to subscribe to receive new posts in your email (no spam, I promise) so that as I post more often, you can see it right away!

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