Very Brief Family Update | 10/14/20

It has definitely been a minute since I last posted anything, which I’m sorry about. I had a lot planned and drafted throughout September, but a few things happened that threw me off my usual writing groove:

Iva has suddenly changed her sleep routine on me, and instead of sleeping until 8 in the morning – giving me about 2 hours to myself for Bible reading, doula homework, and blog writing – she now wakes up anywhere from 5:45 to 7 on most mornings with no predictability. I’ve tried to keep up with my Bible reading plan at the minimum, so everything else is very much hit-or-miss . . . but usually miss, as you can tell from the radio silence here in recent weeks. I’m pretty sure this craziness is due to the fact that her first two teeth have finally come in, but the time leading up to that momentous occasion involved a lot of nighttime pain on her part and sleeplessness on mine.

Anyway, I’m adjusting to this new normal and trying to find a reliable spot in my day for writing. Thanks in advance for sticking around and being patient with me!

In other news, our housemates are expecting their own baby this month and we are all really excited and anxious about everything that will be changing around our place. We are enjoying being able to bond even more over this shared season of life, all being first-time parents, and are praying that God will give us whatever we need to help one another and display the Gospel to a watching world.

Also, I’m so thankful that fall is finally here! It’s my favorite season, and no matter what is going on in our life I can’t help but feel more hopeful and peaceful being surrounded by the beautiful trees and mountains of Colorado, which are a testament to God’s power, creativity, and sovereignty in bringing beautiful things even from death. May He do the same in our hearts and lives.

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Coming Soon on the Blog
  • Thoughts on the culture of childbirth in the Western world and why we need more holistically-minded, Christian birth workers
  • Having Gospel hope when marriage is hard
  • What to do when fear sneaks up on you regarding the state of the world/culture/politics
  • Dealing with the temptations of feminism
  • Why we still celebrate the Reformation

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