Brief Family Update | 12/10/20 | Another Season Of Change

What a year! At the Hageman home we have had our first baby, moved to two different states, changed jobs, joined a new church, and started school all in the span of the past ten months. What our life looked like in January seems like it happened in a dream. Another world. Not much of it is recognizable compared to what “normal” looks like now.

There is also a lot that hasn’t changed dramatically. We are still followers of Christ. We are still husband and wife. We are still watching Iva grow and change. We are still grocery shopping, going to work, and reading books. Life at the end of 2020 is a very strange amalgamation of mundane and bizarre, which can be disorienting.

God alone remains wholly unchanged and immovable. We rejoice in that as we note these new developments in our earthly routines and rhythms:

  • Iva has mastered hands-and-knees crawling and gives me (Jessica) at least five heart attacks every day with all the precarious situations she gets herself into using her newfound freedom. She can say Mama and Dada, but only says Mama when she’s upset (I’m not sure how I feel about this).
  • After having taken a break for a couple of months, I am resuming my doula training and hope to finish both my birth and postpartum certifications by next summer.
  • Devynn is turning 27 in just over a week. I enjoy teasing him about not being a young lad anymore.
  • We have recently undergone the formal membership process at South Boulder Bible Church and are enjoying getting to know our fellow church members.

Keeping up with the blog has been challenging in this season of life, but please know I am constantly working on at least one draft at any given time, and am always adding to my list of topics I want to write about. Hopefully in the new year I will get my bearings and find a more reliable time in the day to write and publish posts more consistently. And, hopefully, Devynn will be able to publish some more articles as well!

As always, leave comments with issues you would like to see us cover in the future.

Until next time . . .

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