Something A Little Different Coming To The Blog . . .

I’m not one for New Year “resolutions” in the usual sense, but I do believe it’s important, or at least beneficial, to have an intentional time of reflection during the season where one year transitions into another. Of course, there is nothing inherently magical about January 1st; and I agree with all those self-help gurus that if you want to make changes in your life, there is no reason to wait until the new year to start. With that said, I sat down on December 31st to take stock of 2020 and think about the changes I would like to see in different areas of my life, and one of the goals I came up with has really surprised me.

Just to set the stage a little: For Christmas this year, my mom got me a nice thick pair of socks that read “will run for coffee.” I laughed when I opened them and said that I’ll keep the socks because they’re comfortable, but they aren’t true at all – so much so that it may be a moral problem in the eyes of some people for me to wear them out of the house. You see, I will not run for coffee. I will not run for any reason except a life-threatening one.

At least, that may have been true a couple of weeks ago.

It isn’t that I think running is stupid. I’ve always wanted to like running, and I’ve made various insignificant efforts to experiment with it, especially since my husband is an avid runner and we could really use some more shared hobbies to bond over. But every time I do give it a try (say, in the middle of one of my usual walks at the local park) I regret it the moment my chest starts heaving, my eyes start watering, my calves start burning, and my ears start pounding. This usually happens within twenty (okay, fifteen) yards of my initial stride. So there’s that.

But if you look at my list of goals for this year, you’ll find “learn to enjoy running” and “run a 5k by the end of spring” pretty close to the top.

I don’t know exactly what this endeavor will look like, how the goal might morph and expand over time, or whether I really believe it’s something I’m capable of doing in the first place. But by the end of the week, I’m aiming to have some plan for how I can make that journey a share-able one, either through video updates (on here or on something like Instagram) or through the usual written blog updates. Maybe both.

I just thought it would be nice to give you a heads up, in case that does – or doesn’t – interest you.

As I talked briefly about in this post a while ago, I’m still working through my plan for what tone this blog takes on. There are so many family blogs, mommy blogs, and Christian blogs out there. And to be honest, many of them are virtually indistinguishable from one another in aesthetic, content, readership, and so on. It can be tempting to try and conform to these examples, especially when I know how successful they can be. But I try to remember that I’m not trying to be successful, necessarily, or garner a large following . . . or “change the world” through the things I write, because I don’t think that’s my job anymore. I don’t have much to say that someone else can’t say even better. I’m just a Reformed Christian . . . who is also a wife, who is also a mom, who is also an English major, who is also trying to sort out what hobbies she should pursue in the year ahead.

We’ll figure out how all of those things fit together as we go. Thank you for continuing onward with me in that pursuit.

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