Family Update | 4/22/21

I have taken a break from blogging since the turn of the new year to focus on things in our life and home and hearts that need more attention, and to say things have been chaotic would be an understatement! Nonetheless, I can’t keep away from writing forever, so here I am with a brief but loaded family update:

Around mid-January, we were surprised to find out that we are expecting our second child, and I (Jessica, obviously) was already seven weeks pregnant when I took the first test. At the time of writing this, I am nearly halfway done with this pregnancy, being eighteen weeks along! I am drafting a separate post that addresses our feelings more in depth, but all in all, we are growing more excited with time and are praying that God would be merciful to us in that transition.

Iva is very noticeably turning more into a toddler, which is intensely fun and frustrating in equal measure for her as well as us. Yesterday before noon she managed to accomplish an impressive list of shenanigans:

  • Spilled some of my first cup of coffee, and drank several mouthfuls
  • Spilled my second cup of coffee and full glass of water in one motion, thereby staining my freshly-washed rug, breaking the water glass, and water damaging a couple books
  • Independently removed her sleep sack and dirty diaper while waiting for me to come get her out of her crib
  • Discovered the joys of toilet water
  • Something else I can’t even remember at this point

On the bright side, she is very close to walking and, for some reason, thinks it’s hilarious that she can stand up unassisted. Her favorite food is still Cheerios . . . but she also enjoys cream cheese, homemade yogurt, and blueberries with great intensity. Pesto egg noodles are another hit.

Courtesy of baby in utero (who is now starting to wiggle around more often) I’ve found myself eating a very predictable and limited diet as well. Interestingly, I’ve been craving Southern food – especially my grandma’s recipes – for the past month or so and don’t foresee this changing any time soon. I recently tried my hand at making cornbread from scratch with good success. My daily menu has usually consisted of vegetable beef soups, tomato and cheese sandwiches, and grits with sausage. My nostalgia and homesick heart isn’t complaining, but I’m sure my midwives would appreciate if I consumed more leafy greens. Would turnip greens count, I wonder? . . . n.., (<– This random typo can be attributed to my physical reaction to Iva suddenly biting my toe under the table).

Essentially, the Hageman house has lately been in an endless routine of working, cleaning, decluttering, reorganizing, cooking, disciplining, crying, and laughing. I suspect life looks very similar in other households with small children, and I comfort myself in this fact. Moreover, I take comfort in the fleeting naure of earthly life and the reality of the eternal Gospel of Jesus that overwhelms and overpowers everything else.

Devynn and I have also been encouraged – and challenged – by the very beginnings of the gardening season. Our plans and dreams expand every year, but we are trying not to get in over our heads as we have in the past. Our garden resides across town in the backyard of a family member, so we’re glad to now be a two-car family, which means I can actually take care of the garden on a regular basis rather than waiting to go only on weekends. We have started some seeds indoors at our apartment since late March and have a snack garden planned for the balcony (cherry tomatoes, mini cucumbers, snap peas, etc.). So far, the essential plants are growing well and the experimental plants are struggling, as we anticipated. (Always feel free to comment and let us know what you are growing this year!)

Grace and peace, friends, until next time.

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