The Prosperity/Positivity Gospel

When I came out of the Southern religious culture that upholds a fragmented, inconsistent, willfully ignorant perspective of the Christian faith, the Word of Faith movement was very attractive to me. The aura of passion and relevance surrounding its key figures was captivating. I marveled at their “big,” boundless view of God, which seemed to contrast with the belief system I had inherited – a … Continue reading The Prosperity/Positivity Gospel

SERIES: Cherished False Gospels of the Western Church

For a while now I’ve been meaning to publish my personal testimony regarding different theological viewpoints. What I found interesting as I drafted the post is that it was a very multifaceted journey. I tend to describe it with a focus on one particular false gospel that I had believed before God brought me to the true gospel of Christ, but in reality, there were … Continue reading SERIES: Cherished False Gospels of the Western Church

To Be Content Is To Surrender

As you might know if you’ve been keeping up with us for at least a few months now, I have a contentment problem. It’s the cause of my overspending, my fluctuating between laziness and hyper-diligence, my people pleasing, and so on. I tend to make choices in a “grass is greener over there” mentality. God has done a remarkable work in my heart since sometime … Continue reading To Be Content Is To Surrender

Update | 7/29/20 | Settling In

If you’ve been keeping up with our updates over the past three or four months, you’ve seen us in a massive (and seemingly never-ending) season of transition. Just to recap: Our first child, a girl, was born in late February. Two weeks after her birth, COVID-19 lockdowns were enforced in our state Facing the end of our current income stream and our lease in the … Continue reading Update | 7/29/20 | Settling In

No Other Gods

2 Kings 17 describes the Assyrian capture of Israel and the Assyrian king’s resettlement of Samarian land. He brings in several groups of people with pagan backgrounds who worship a multiplicity of false gods – people from Babylon, Cuthah, Avva, Hamath, and Sepharvaim (v. 24). It’s specifically noted that they “did not fear the Lord” when they first settled there . . . and as … Continue reading No Other Gods

A Word on Multi-Level Marketing Businesses

First off . . . I hate marketing and selling things. This is why job interviews make me feel nauseated and why all my past endeavors at selling Avon and every other direct sales products have fallen flat in a matter of weeks. I hate feeling artificial. I hate bothering and pressuring people. I hate stressing over numbers and impressions. I hate pretending to care … Continue reading A Word on Multi-Level Marketing Businesses

6/13/20 | We’ve Moved . . . Again

We made it to Colorado (finally!) in the past two weeks, just in time for things to slowly start reopening. It has been fun to take Iva out to the park and watch her stare at the trees and squirrels, and Devynn and I have really enjoyed being within driving distance of some dear friends and our new church community. Apart from the inconveniences of … Continue reading 6/13/20 | We’ve Moved . . . Again

Moving, Motherhood, and Other Hard Things

Our pastor in Virginia told us a few weeks ago, “There is no ‘tired’ like ‘new parent tired.’” Add a sudden cross-country move and a global pandemic on top of that, and the result is a complicated mix of tired, angsty, lonely, and generally just stretched. I think stretched in particular describes most of what I have felt for the past two months, both in … Continue reading Moving, Motherhood, and Other Hard Things

Update . . . From Kansas | 4/24/2020

Along with the rest of the world, we Hagemans are trying to figure out what life is supposed to look like in the midst of a pandemic (as well as the arrival of a newborn). We had been planning to move to Colorado in April of 2020 from northern Virginia since last summer; but as the situation with COVID-19 began to carry more implications on … Continue reading Update . . . From Kansas | 4/24/2020

3/24/20 | Things Are Quite Different

Within the past month we have welcomed our tiny girl and witnessed the effects of COVID-19 on our corner of the world. Needless to say, there is so much that has changed since our last update and I’m not sure what exactly the blog will look like over the next couple of months. I (Jessica) hope to keep writing as I’m able, starting with a … Continue reading 3/24/20 | Things Are Quite Different