Update | 2/18/2020

Keeping consistent with blog updates has always been a challenge for me. Let’s hope these prove to be an exception to the rule, especially as life continues to get more complicated and taxing. I (Jessica) am sitting in my favorite coffee place in downtown Fredericksburg as I write this, and “Take Me Home, Country Roads” happens to be playing in the background, competing with about … Continue reading Update | 2/18/2020

We Can’t Live For Earthly Breakthroughs

A couple of months ago, an internet acquaintance of mine, Joshua Arnold, shared a profound thought: “I’d rather have a breakdown that has me cleaving to Christ than a ‘breakthrough’ in something worldly and vain that may charm me into thinking I don’t need to desperately depend on Christ in every moment.” This sentiment runs contrary to the advice of popular Christian culture (let alone … Continue reading We Can’t Live For Earthly Breakthroughs

Does Being A Good Student Mean Making Good Grades?

I have had such a rollercoaster experience when it comes to formal education. I was considered a “gifted” student in elementary school even though I rarely made any grade higher than a C or B-. Middle school was just a blur in every way. And in high school I swung to the opposite end of the pendulum in an effort to redeem and prove myself; … Continue reading Does Being A Good Student Mean Making Good Grades?

The “Good” In Good Friday

Some of my least favorite seasons of life are those in which I’m forced to recognize my own sickening inadequacy. It does not help that I live in a culture determined to force-feed me the message of You Are Enough while I’m already busy gagging on all my failures and frustrations – as though it’s supposed to encourage me to hear what I steadily prove … Continue reading The “Good” In Good Friday