Commencement and Surface Calvinism

How many of us are really just theoretically Reformed? This is something I’ve been asking myself as I near the completion of my undergraduate degree. I wish I could say my affirmations of God’s sovereignty were easy to actually apply to all the realities in my life, but the truth is that I struggle just as much as anyone else with trusting that the Lord’s … Continue reading Commencement and Surface Calvinism

Love and the God of Reformed Theology

In the years leading up to my transition to Reformed doctrine and in the years I’ve spent formally studying non-Reformed theology since then, one interesting objection to Calvinism has come up over and over, and I just cannot leave it alone any longer. It goes something like this: “Calvinism cannot be true . . . I refuse to believe it is true . . . because … Continue reading Love and the God of Reformed Theology