Don’t Give Up On Proverbs 31

I wrote a personal blog the other day about my struggle with academic idolatry over the years (you can read it here). I explained how I’ve dug myself into a pit of perfectionism and pride since high school that God has been painfully – but benevolently – pulling me out of. More often than not, He does this by putting me in circumstances that prevent … Continue reading Don’t Give Up On Proverbs 31

The “Good” In Good Friday

Some of my least favorite seasons of life are those in which I’m forced to recognize my own sickening inadequacy. It does not help that I live in a culture determined to force-feed me the message of You Are Enough while I’m already busy gagging on all my failures and frustrations – as though it’s supposed to encourage me to hear what I steadily prove … Continue reading The “Good” In Good Friday