The Prosperity/Positivity Gospel

When I came out of the Southern religious culture that upholds a fragmented, inconsistent, willfully ignorant perspective of the Christian faith, the Word of Faith movement was very attractive to me. The aura of passion and relevance surrounding its key figures was captivating. I marveled at their “big,” boundless view of God, which seemed to contrast with the belief system I had inherited – a … Continue reading The Prosperity/Positivity Gospel

To Be Content Is To Surrender

As you might know if you’ve been keeping up with us for at least a few months now, I have a contentment problem. It’s the cause of my overspending, my fluctuating between laziness and hyper-diligence, my people pleasing, and so on. I tend to make choices in a “grass is greener over there” mentality. God has done a remarkable work in my heart since sometime … Continue reading To Be Content Is To Surrender

We Can’t Live For Earthly Breakthroughs

A couple of months ago, an internet acquaintance of mine, Joshua Arnold, shared a profound thought: “I’d rather have a breakdown that has me cleaving to Christ than a ‘breakthrough’ in something worldly and vain that may charm me into thinking I don’t need to desperately depend on Christ in every moment.” This sentiment runs contrary to the advice of popular Christian culture (let alone … Continue reading We Can’t Live For Earthly Breakthroughs